May 24, 2021
As we continue to move forward through this pandemic, we continue to see so many brighter days
ahead and so many lessons learned over the past fifteen months, since we first heard of COVID-19.
It has been easy to become an expert “arm-chair quarterback” on what we should have or might have
done however, errors made, should translate into lessons learned and not to be done again.

What have we learned? Our health care workers and first responders are all superstars, rising to
the challenges against an enemy that little was known about and doing everything they could to keep
us healthy and safe. Our retail and pharmacy workers who adapted and provided groceries,
prescriptions, and household goods to keep us fed and our homes functioning. Our restaurants and
staff have changed the way they do business and have made it easy for all, to get that break from
the lockdown blues.

Those brighter days appear to be on the horizon as more of our populations gets vaccinated and for
the time being, the COVID-19 case loads are steadily decreasing. With the new Provincial opening
framework in place, it appears that the onus will be on everyone in the Province, to get vaccinated
and ensure that our business community can and will re-open. The business community has
consistently demonstrated that it can open and operate safely while adhering to suggested Public
Health measures. It is within our control to accelerate the road to re-opening, and we hope that
all individuals consider booking their
appointments, for the COVID-19 vaccine.