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Advocacy Efforts

The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce is involved in a range of advocacy efforts with a provincial, national and municipal reach, including:

Provincial issues:

  • Participation in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Leadership Series Session. A focus group session for the Mining industry took place in North Bay in November of 2105, resulting in the report Digging Deeper
  • The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has also provided the 2016 Ontario Economic Update document. Ontario’s economic performance is not shared equally in all regions in the province due to differences in their economic makeup or base. External macro factors play an important role not only in Ontario’s economic performance but also in each region to varying degrees. Economic prospects for Ontario are improving aided by positive externals such as a low dollar, faster U.S. growth, and low interest rates.
  • Cap and Trade report from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce can be viewed here.
  • Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP). Advocacy efforts are being undertaken in conjunction with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and major Ontario employers. The Chamber is asking the Ontario Government for greater clarity about the proposed pension plan, so that it does not have a direct, negative impact on jobs and the economy.  To see the letter to the province – click here.
  • Changes to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Together with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and over 25 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, the North Bay & District signed a submission outlining 10 recommendations that the WSIB and the Government of Ontario should adopt to mitigate the impact of the proposed reforms to the WSIB. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is concerned that the new rate framework could increase the premium rates paid by employers and, subsequently, the cost of doing business in the province.   For the response to WSIB’s preliminary framework – click here.
  • Bill 148 Fair Workplaces Better Jobs – fighting against many of the proposed changes as we feel the aggressive timelines will produce unintended consequences.  See our submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs by clicking here.  Another great site is a coalition of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders – Keep Ontario Working which released the economic impact study done recently by CANCEA, stating “185,000 jobs will be lost with the implementation of Bill 148 in Ontario”.
  • The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has a number of other documents that may be of interest.  Please visit their site at 

National issues:

  • TransPacific Partnership (TPP) – What Business Needs to know about the TPP from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) report $50 million a day.
  • Concern over the Federal Finance consultations to change the taxation on corporations.  The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (and all the Chambers across Canada) are following this one closely.  This is not just about the high paying professions and large corporations; this includes small incorporated businesses, that are the grassroots of some of our small urban and rural communities (construction, farmers, supply and service, etc.)  For more information – click HERE.   Submission to come September or October 2017.
  • The CCC also has a number of other areas of advocacy such as Tourism, Transportation, Skills & Immigration, CPP reform, Infrastructure, Labour Relations and much more.  Visit their website at 

Regional issues:

  • Tourism North Bay. The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce has formed a new entity for tourism in the area. For more information – check out the Tourism North Bay website.
  • Support for the Laurentian Ski Hill sewer extension – click here.
  • Presentation to district councils – click here.
  • Near North School Board presentation regarding the amalgamation of three high schools to one super school – click here for the submission.